Memory Master Class

Day 50 of my blog! Wow that’s quite momentous say it myself I shouldn’t – stupid expression why shouldn’t I blow my own trumpet. I never thought I would be able to keep it up. Well done me.

It was one of those too good to be true offers. “Learn how to boost your memory in a free 1-hour masterclass with world renowned memory expert.” What have I got to lose I thought except an hour of my precious time which isn’t very precious at the moment? After all this guy has worked with the best of them. So, I booked in yesterday at midday. Full of anticipation and hoping that not only would it teach me how to remember what I had for breakfast or how to remember the beginning of my sentences but also names, books and important facts. It’s not just my memory which needs help but also learning how to retain information. I had thought of taking some of Tod’s Ritalin to see if it helped but have not, as yet, gone down that route.

At midday yesterday pen poised, paper ready, so I could write stuff down and not rely on the memory, well not just yet I doubt it would work that fast I logged in. Ok so it’s American, well that’s ok I am kind of half American. But my heart did sink a little when I heard the presenter start his speak. Didn’t take me long to realise this was going to be an hour-long hard sell interspersed with a few tit bits to keep us interested. But I stayed with it – what’s an hour if I learn something. I could always play scrabble on my phone during the selling bit. The Masterclass it turns out was more of Master speak. I got a lot of Scrabble played but not much memory learning. It did however remind me of some of things that I already knew especially about how to remember names. And if I ever get out of my house and need to mingle again, I will put it into practice. It is a system that the Americans are very good at. Goes something like this.

“Hi Mike Linhook. So nice to meet you Mike. That’s an interesting name where does Linhook come from. Really, that’s fascinating Mike I will remember that if I ever meet another Mike Linhook. Get my drift and always end with “Well it was lovely to meet with you Mike Linhook.”

Masterclass over, yes, a little disappointed but not massively. Today was cupboard day. Finally, I am going to sort out some of my cupboards. Me first demanded the kitchen. It did have a point. It is tedious to open a door only to find the contents of the entire cupboard comes tumbling out because stuff is jammed in. So, what is it about Tupperware lids? They are like socks that come in pairs but always come out of the washing machine solo. Tupperware arrives intact but doesn’t take long before it loses its mate. I had 34 lids and no bottoms. I also had 6 cake tins but no removeable bottoms. I suspect cakes had been made, the bottoms left on the cake and then they got thrown away. And 60 jam jars. Yes really 60. I love to make Jam. But 60 methinks perhaps a bit OTT. Soon it will be strawberry jam time, then blackberry, quince, rosehip, grape and finally come January its Marmalade. But I reluctantly jettisoned a box of 12.

I have had no takers for the Capodimonte – quelle surprise – or any of the other items I have listed on Facebook marketplace, Etse and eBay. What’s the matter with these people can’t they appreciate a bargain? But I have found two items which I think just
might be worth a few pennies.

Pewter Mug 1935 Silver Jubilee King George V and Queen Mary. Casket Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary 1911. Here’s hoping.

Quick update on the dog for those following me. Back from the vet £1000 poorer! Issue with back leg and hip (well I knew this) on medication and needs second opinion on the swelling in her throat. Meanwhile the cat is continuing her killing spree. If you look carefully you will see the poor little mouse pretending to be dead. Pleased to report I rescued the mouse and put her or him in a safe place




Toby has nearly finished the digging at the bottom of the garden. It is so flat we could put a shed down there – Oh yes just remembered we already knocked one down.


“Let’s be careful out there”

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