My Ebay

The clutter is getting to me every time I walk out of my bedroom, I am confronted with Capodimonte, Cole Port, Wedgewood, brass candlesticks, an abundance of tea services, plates, silver cutlery – get the picture. Something has to be done. So today I have ear marked it as eBay Day. And I have been at it for a good few hours but only managed to put 2 things on the site. I guess there must be an art to this and it’s an art that I don’t possess. I am fast losing the will to carry on.

However, under the recommendation of a friend I moved on to Etsy. “It’s easy,” she said. “Really anybody can do it.” It took me nearly an hour to find the sell button. Clearly, I am less than ‘anybody’. By the time I had finished entering my details in the various required boxes – repeatedly – over and over AGAIN because I kept getting the message that something was missing – don’t you hate it when this happen; You judiciously fill everything out and press continue and that little red message appears – Error!  You just think what’s the point? Throat slitting time..

 It reminded me of my days at secretarial college learning book keeping. I would begin with the Trial Balance and I knew as I was working through the trial bit that it was a waste of time as it was never going to balance at the end.  It’s all about box filling! And doing it the right way. I get the feeling in life that if there is a wrong way to do things then I will probably do it the wrong way.  So 2 hours into Etsy and just one set of Capodimonte listed. Lockdown is going to be well over by the time I finished listing everything.


I don’t think I am the kind of person that is cut out to sell. I just want somebody to come and take it all away. But I am worried that I might have one thing which is worth a fortune. You know like the person who goes into a shop buys a picture and then finds underneath it there is another picture worth 10 million. My mother would be furious if she thought I had given away a valuable treasure. There would be a whole host of bobby pins in my bed! And it is her wrath which is spurring me on. Although I have a sneaky suspicious that it is all worthless.

We also have thousands of old coins. 3 large bags of threepence pieces – remember those? Pennies going back to 1870’s. Farthings,  Shillings, Florins, Sixpences  two pennies etc. Did I mention that I come from a long line of hoarders? I have made a deal with Linda that if she sorts the coins — she is not working at the moment – then we can split the profits. I am convinced that among the thousands of coins there will be one that is going to make us millionaires. In the meantime, if any of you are interested here are a few other choice pieces that will hit eBay and Etsy tomorrow if I can muster up the energy.


Ever had one of those conversations when you are talking at cross purposes. Today was a classic. I had just finished my Pilates class with Penny when the phone went, and it was Penny.

Me: “Oh Hi Penny you look fantastic – so trim and fit.”

Penny: “Really I am not feeling that fit.”

Me: “I so wish I could be as flexible as you I feel quite inadequate.”

Penny: “Actually I have been feeling quite stiff especially in the mornings I think may because I am not moving around enough at night.”

Me: “Well it certainly doesn’t show”And so on – get the drift.

The conversation continued for nearly 10 mins before Penny said, “Do you know which Penny you are talking to.” Clearly not the Penny who I had just done Pilates with. But I did feel inadequate when I had the post Pilates conversation with Pilates Penny. Who is teaching both Pilates and Yoga on Zoom,  doing a number of on line courses, has various craft projects on the go, in the process of buying a new house, walking on the beach  and making good food.  Just writing this blog is about all I can muster on some days.

Note to self:  Get out of bed earlier. Be more proactive. Enroll on a course. Take up a craft. 

“Let’s be careful out there”