Is it all a dream?

Have you ever wondered if this is all a dream? Not just the Coronavirus but all of it. Sometimes I think maybe I am going to wake up in my small bedroom in Leicester and still be a little girl and think, “Wow that was some dream.” And if it was would it change the way I have lived my life? It’s an odd thought but one that I have quite often thought about and increasingly more so as I get older. Deepak Chopra – my ex mediation teacher. Sadly my journey with meditation lasted all of 4 days. Have I mentioned my issues with concentration? He says  “reality as given has no validity except that it matches our experience.”

Maybe it is like The Truman show and our life is just a moving image, that never ends unless we make it end in our conscious. Could be – but then I guess I will never know. But those that want to believe point to research with patients in Australia and Greece that were in a coma-like state since they were born. And they pose the question ‘How do we not know that our “bodies” are not in some other place like in a “coma” and we are just the thoughts. Interesting. Me thinks I have too much time on my hands.

Certainly, time has taken on a new dimension for me. Definitely too much, but then also too little. I know it doesn’t make sense. And clearly, I am not alone one recent tweet read: “How has April lasted five seconds but I feel like I’ve been in lockdown for about six years”

German research psychologist Marc Wittmann thinks it has something to do with the monotonous day-to-day pattern of our lives. Because people aren’t doing things that are memorable, such as going to a sporting event or having a day out with friends, then there is little to differentiate one day from the next. Well I could have told you that!

Ok that’s enough of the serious stuff. One of my friends remarked last night that since I am no longer living on my own, she isn’t finding my blogs that funny anymore. She preferred it when I had long conversations with the spoons and when Izzi (the dog – for those that have just joined the blog) and I shared the meaning of life. She is not alone the spoons have also been missing our discourses. And I notice a distinct chilling when I open the cutlery drawer. But I am mindful that if I carry on this relationship with the inanimate objects in the house it might frighten Toby’s girlfriend who is not accustomed to the mad Norman/Felstein household. I have the feeling that she already thinks me a bit bonkers and she’s not wrong there.

So dear friend I am sorry if I am not quite so funny anymore, but I will try to think of stuff to amuse you.

But her remarks have made me think about the meaning of this blog. I never imagined that I would keep it going – soon I will have posted 50 blogs. I guess I am writing the blog ostensibly is for me, to keep my brain cells lubricated, to utilise my time and to get back into writing as it is over 15 years since I have written anything. But I will also admit that my ego likes the thought that people are reading it albeit not that many because I haven’t as yet worked out how to put it out in the social media arena. But the important people, my friends, are reading. It also makes me feel less lonely by connecting. So please do make a few comments so I know you are there.

Let’s be careful out there”

Author: ladyserendipidy

Journalist, event planner, mother, animal lover, not very good bridge or scrabble player, hopeless housekeeper, ex social worker, radio producer, tv executive, hater of almost all insects especially the eight legged ones. And if I am ever allowed out of my house, intrepid traveler.

11 thoughts on “Is it all a dream?”

  1. I’m here too, and I love your blogs. I feel like I’m hiding behind a cupboard somewhere in your house. So good that I stayed with you just before this began – I can instantly put myself into your kitchen, bathroom – though not the attic, as you never invited me up there -and back garden, not to mention hear the sound of Izzy’s bark. It makes me feel like you’re living next door.


  2. I wish I could believe we’ll come out of this – if ever we do — better, stronger, kinder. I feel a good deal fatter, meaner, and ill-groomed!! But hooray for you for carrying on carrying on. Love, Judy


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