Disinfectant a new cure!

So here I am. Ready and raring to go. I have my disinfectant and my syringe but just a bit unsure about where in my body I should be inserting this powerful COVID19 eradicator. What…you mean it is dangerous…but the President of the United States just said it was a good thing. Are you saying he is wrong? But half a million people in middle America have already been shooting up. Oh, I see never trust a man whose brain has gone AWOL. Just as well then that I haven’t started the procedure.

Remember Rowan Martins Laugh In –  How I wish it was still on. The daily Trump fiasco would be great fodder. Each day gets more bizarre – actually I rather enjoy the comedy and the anticipation of what on earth will he top it with today. It would be funny if he wasn’t the President  of what used to be the free world. And that thousands of people are dying because of his egomania. But what is not funny is that there is still a large portion of America following him. “Oh, I know he is a bit cuckoo, but I like what he stands for and he has done great for the economy.” Oh, year well watch your screen idiots the economy is fucked.

And what do these loyal Americans think when there are 50,000 dead in their country — from supposedly fake news — and yet their President has refused to lower the American flag.

Toby says that he is hoping it will be natural selection. That all the idiots following the idiot President  will rebel against lock down  and then  die from COVID19. One way he says to get rid of the rubbish. Sadly, it will not be the case as we know they will just infect others. But it is a good thought and although I have never encouraged killing, I must say of late I have been very tempted.

Yesterday was a nothing day. I didn’t feel well and flopped from bed to couch. Which is why there was no blog. A mixture of physical and mental.  While I have remained relatively positive throughout the last 5 weeks  just focusing on each day, hearing the Health Minister’s pronouncements yesterday  that it is going to be well into 2021 before anything gets back to any kind of normal,  sent me into a twirl. And I don’t do well in twirls.  So much so that at 2 in the morning my throat was enlarged, I had a headache and my heart was beating too quickly. I  was sure that I had Coronavirus.  Happy to report that I woke up feeling fine. 

Note to self:  You need to make a Will

Back to issues much closer to home. My cousin sent me the post below and it was a stark reminder to me that no matter how much time I have I am never going to have an organised clutter free home.  I had always thought that there was minimalist inside of me  just waiting for the opportunity to show itself.  But I now know this is just  wishful thinking.   If you could see the upstairs of my house, you would understand. It is days since the loft was emptied but have, I sorted any of the boxes – have I heck – no they are just sitting there causing havoc as we manoeuvre are way around them to get to the toilet. Instead I have been seduced by the sunshine and my patio Saying to myself this won’t last and when it is raining, I can go through all this stuff. Fat chance





Glad that I have got that out of the way!

I did however have a rather poignant find in one of my mother’s box of letters. it was her hairnet and 15 years later I could still smell her on the net. How remarkable is that?

Apparently, there is a phenomenon which is called “phantosmia” or “phantom smells.” According to Professor Gottfried,  a neuroscientist who runs the Gottfried Laboratory at Northwestern University. He says that the  sense of smell is our most ancient, primal sense and has intimate and direct control over our emotional and behavioral states. He explains that this  is especially true for personal, meaningful memories that tend to get stamped into our brains very robustly.  Maybe it is all in my mind but whatever it is a good feeling and I shall keep sniffing.


“Let’s be careful out there”