They’re Home

Today’s blog is short and sweet as I have had too much sun and have a headache.

I realise you have probably seen enough of me by now, but I  am quite chuffed that I have found a way of hiding my grey hair.   Not bad eh. And as it is my blog then I guess it is  my prerogative to post what I like – within reason.  However, I will try and refrain from posting any more Roma pics unless something momentous happens.

Tomorrow is GROGH (get-rid-of-grey-hair) Day – so I might just be going back on my word.

For the first time in a week I walked in the woods at 6.30 – they were heavenly. I needed some more garlic as I am cooking a welcome home dinner for Toby and Linda, roast chicken and roast potatoes and maybe if I have time a cake. I also got to have a little chat with Tod at his bench. It’s been a while. I usuallly visit him every day. It is incredible how quickly the trees have transformed. A week ago, there were just a few buds and now look at it. It must be Tod’s ashes that have given it that extra nutrition. I always knew Tod had good genes.



Just a few joggers this morning and yes there was one who ploughed on through without a thought of perhaps moving to the right or the left. What is it about that mentality? “Oh, look at me doing my thing – and look at you just ambling along.” Actually, I am not ambling I was doing a power walk. I am not going into a rant again, but I am not alone here – there was a whole discussion on Joggers on The Next Door local website last week. I won’t relate it in its entirety because it got very heated, but I will share with you one comment which I think says it all. ” Non-runners should be grateful to us. We are keeping ourselves healthy, so we are less likely to succumb to the Virus, so we are keeping the infection rate down.” Yes, he really did say that and probably believed it too.

I read an interesting article in Forbes magazine today entitled: What Do Countries With The Best Coronavirus Responses Have In Common? Women Leaders

Backs up everything I have always believed about women in politics – well those that don’t try to emulate men. We are not so impulsive or volatile and are better equipped to empathise and offer support. We could do with a few of these women here and certainly America needs them right now. I loved a recent comment on twitter when one woman said “What time is the Trumpaganda press conference today? I want to schedule a time to clean my shower drains”.

Yay they are home