Not sure that I am taking sufficient notice of  yesterday’s Note to self.

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Clearly  the ‘clean up before you go to bed’ is not working.  I am sincerely concerned that I am becoming a slob.

As usual I awoke at 6 and was in my local park at 6.15 by 7,  I was back in bed with my coffee and Netflix  wondering how I was going to fill the next 15 hours.  Cue Word Feud, I have 12 people waiting for me to have my turn.  Some of the players are my friends but the majority are anonymous. And I have no idea who they are. Male or female, where they live in the world, how old they are and what they look like. It’s all very strange but in this Coronavirus virtual world I welcome them all.

 I have a friend who plays scrabble online and she knows exactly what they look like! She  is also well acquainted with the intimate parts of their bodies. How do I know this? Well one day she showed me – warts and all. And for days after  I couldn’t get the image out of my head.  Suffice to say  that even my adult children would have been shocked. 

 I am wondering why no one has ever approached me for this kind of game.  Maybe for the same reason that in 35 years of marriage nobody ever  flirted with me.  I think it is probably something to do with my levels of oxytocin – clearly, they are not very high. This doesn’t bode well if I ever want another relationship.  

Meanwhile back to my legitimate game of scrabble. Did you know that the following words are in the dictionary: thine, tef, yon, bor, tun, rah, vee, sey, ag,  azo  and these are only from my last two games.  All used by me. What do they mean? Well you might well ask. I have no idea.  And it really doesn’t matter  as a silly little word like  AZO on a treble letter score  and if conjoined with another word could bring you a massive  score of around 55 points. Oh, how my world has shrunk. 

The high light of  today was the Waitrose Delivery.  As I am self-isolating  it was all left on my door step in plastic bags.  Armed with disposable rubber gloves I decamped it on to my patio table. Then sprayed it with a Dettol solution. I think I will leave it there until this evening in the hope that any COVID-19 virus has been dissipated.  The cat is bemused.  I can see her having a conflab  with Izzi. 

“What on earth is going on in this house. Firstly, everybody disappears, then that woman who feeds us spends all her waking hours washing her hands and now she is leaving all the food outside and spraying it with a horrible smelling liquid.”    I think this is the first time that cat and dog have agreed on anything. 


Now you might think that this  is an awful lot of  food for one person  but in two weeks  when Toby and Linda finish their self-isolation they will be returning home.  Yay

On surfing the internet this week I came across an article from a  few years ago entitled “Making an adventure out of the banality of life. ”   I could certainly do with that right now. My life is anything but an  adventure. Unless, of course, trying not to die is an adventure. 

The author of the article talks about how her husband makes  taking the garbage out an adventure.  Yes this is pre-pandemic.  Apparently,  he challenges himself to see how many bags of rubbish he can squeeze into the dustbin. She goes to say that when he hits a new record of ‘bag squishing’  it becomes the high light of his week. And I thought that I was a sado.    She in turn finds joy in doing a sock-load of laundry and ending up with matching pairs.  Well I can second that. I have absolutely no idea where the errant socks go.  I have yet to discover The  Land of the Lost Socks. 

Let’s be careful out there” 


Author: ladyserendipidy

Journalist, event planner, mother, animal lover, not very good bridge or scrabble player, hopeless housekeeper, ex social worker, radio producer, tv executive, hater of almost all insects especially the eight legged ones. And if I am ever allowed out of my house, intrepid traveler.

2 thoughts on “Scrabble”

  1. I’m intrigued by the icing sugar in your shopping (nothing like being nosey about what other people have in their trollies in the supermarket). Baking a cake is one thing (I’ve just made banana bread), but icing it would be a step too far, except at Christmas, when Tesco’s rollout icing is just fine.


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