Silver Lining

I have been racking my brain trying to think of a silver lining to all of this. My good friend Gloria always used to say when stuff happened, “what do you think the reason for this is?” It used to bug me big time. Well Gloria what do you think the reason is?

My brother, who was a new age hippy and who died 11 years ago yesterday, would say it is divine retribution because we have ignored important life lessons. He was always banging on about how we would all reap the consequences of destroying the earth. Of course, he was probably right. But I want to lighten this up so below are a few of my silver linings:

  1. I am going to have the cleanest house ever. Everything in sight is going to dusted and polished. All cupboards organised and wardrobes colour coded. Drawers that are stuffed with, “I don’t know where to put this” will be sorted and jettisoned. Windows will be cleaned and gleaming so that the next time my cowboy window cleaners arrive and say “it is the dirt inside madam” after they have skimmed the surfaces, left after 10 mins and asked for £25, I can assure them they are mistaken. My office ‘in’ tray will be emptied and my filing cabinet sorted and …. well there are just so many things. And I haven’t even mentioned the attic and the basement which still have belongings of au pairs who left 20 years ago, and stuff packed away in boxes that belonged to my dead parents and brother. Anyone want some Capodimonte figurines?

2. I will start reading the endless shelves of books dotted around my house: Starting with Sapiens which I read last year but have now forgotten. Gore Vidal United States, Malcolm Gladwell’s books, Evelyn Waugh Decline and Fall, Barack Obama, (where is he when we need him most?) The Audacity of Hope, Homeo Deus Yuval Harari but only after I finish Sapiens and of course a load of novels sitting on my Kindle. Please please do send me your suggestions.

3. I will endeavour to try – yet again – to master the art of meditation. Heaven knows I need it now.

4. I will iron – yes this will be a first – all the sheets and bed linen and every piece of clothing in the wardrobes just in case I ever get the chance to wear any of them again.

5. Eliminate every single weed in my garden which is mammoth as it is 150 foot long! And start growing vegetables, which, of course I will have to order online as I am self isolating.

IMG_1866 (1)

A question for Word press blog experts – how do I import pics from the media section of the blog into the main copy? For someone who is not a technophile I have already come a long way but there is a heap more to learn. Another addition to my list.

And of course just think girls how much money we are saving on make up, the hairdresser, manicure and pedicures, clothes and the general upkeep necessary to make us all look presentable. See I knew there were some silver linings.